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How to Upgrade Kali Linux to Latest Version (1.1.*)

Hello there, in this post I am going to write the upgrade procedures for Kali Linux to the latest version as I did in my lab environment.

I would like to inform you that these steps may change according to your environment. In my case, I upgraded from 1.0.7 x64 version to 1.1.0 x64.

Let us start;

  • Backup the current apt source list file as follow.
  • Open the current apt source list file with an editor (nano, pico, vi, vim etc.) (I use vim editor) as follow.
  • Delete all lines in the source list, in other words, empty file content. Then add the following lines into the file (/etc/apt/sources.list) as shown.
  • kali-linux-sources-lst

    Edit and Save sources.lst File

  • Update the system and install kali-archive-keyring package by using apt-get or aptitude as follow.

  • Upgrade the system by using apt-get or aptitude as follow. It will take some time to fully upgrade the system.

  • After fully upgraded has been done successfully, you can check the new Kali Linux version as follow.


Finally, you are done.

Thanks for reading this post.

Please do not hesitate contact me if you need help.

Have a great day.

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